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Dec 1, 2012 8:30pm PST
line of wisconsin and this defense led by borland. >> charles: going to be something, isn't it? >> gus: it will be something. >> charles: they're punting the ball away. we have to ask petros what he thinks about this when we get an opportunity. after this sequence is over, can't wait to get his thoughts on these two teams going at it. >> gus: out of bounds. 7:32 to play in the fourth. this is what they're playing for, and more. the big ten conference championship trophy. ladies, why's your man watching this snoozer of a game? because i'm on his fantasy football team. so he gets pretend points if we win or not! it's a guy thing. like dr pepper ten. with all 23 flavors in just ten manly calories, it's like a fantasy soda. but you can drink it. get in there hot dog! it's what guys want... scoring touchdowns with players they're fake-coaching. whew, so close. so keep the "reality" tv and lady drinks. we're good. dr pepper ten. it's not for women. anyou can do anythinge latest with those gifts. where does santa claus live? (siri beeps): okay. here you go. hey, maybe try him on facet
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1